Things *not* to say to a breastfeeding mama…

Tales from the Mother Side

Here at The Mother Side, we are both still breastfeeding. As the girls are now over a year old, this is classed as ‘extended breastfeeding’. We’re not sure why it needs this label – things don’t suddenly change after a year, and both the NHS and the WHO recommend feeding to two years (and beyond).


It’s safe to say it’s been a HUGE learning curve for us both. During pregnancy, we were both of the opinion that we’d feed if we could but wouldn’t put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. Fortunately, the rest of the tribe also breastfed for various lengths of time – 5 weeks, 9 months, a year, and three of us are still doing so. Thus, we had a little support network, along with great online groups (such as La Leche League MK and Breastfeeding Mums in MK), a fantastic NHS antenatal class, and incredibly supportive husbands.


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