Teething, clapping and … SCREAMING

Dear Evelyn,

The last few weeks have been crazy. You are getting your teeth, I think your first will be through in the morning. You can stand really well now and walk holding my hand. You also use all of the furniture to hold on to whilst you walk around the room. We have just bought a stroller for you and have been enjoying going for walks with me. You have also been going to the childminder whilst I’ve been at work and you really seem to like it.

You can also clap now and you tell us quite firmly (by your reaction) if you don’t want to eat or do something. Your also really good at cleaning your ‘teeth’ and you move things out of your way when you are crawling about. You are also good at rearranging boxes and draws.

I love all of the time we spend together (well apart from when you scream and scream and I can’t make you feel better. I love watching you learn and grow. You are by far my greatest achievement.

Love Mum x


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