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Illness & New baby skills

dscf9698Hi All,

Hope 2017 is treating you well.

The last month or so has been crazy for us. Just before Xmas Evelyn fell ill and on Christmas day her temperature rocketed so we took her to the doctors at out of hours and then were refereed to the pediatric day assessment unit at the hospital. To cut a long day short it turned out that she has a respiratory infection and tonsillitis. Except for during the first few weeks after Evelyn was born I’m not sure I had felt so needed. A couple of days before going to the doctors E started to stop eating solids and also wouldn’t take expressed milk from a bottle; this meant she was feeding like a newborn again and barley left my arms for 8 days. Evelyn only started to improve on day 5 of being ill after going back to the doctors and her getting put on antibiotics.

On a happier note on New Years Eve Evelyn decided to crawl. She had spent the whole time that she had been ill sitting rather than rolling (not very Evelyn at all) and on New Years Evelyn she began crawling like she had spent the whole time that she had been unwell working out how to do it. Now she is climbing and is clearly getting impatient that she can’t do more 😀

Just as we were getting back on track and had began to go out again Evelyn came down with a tummy bug, which I got and now my husband has. Oh my I had never thought about just how hard it would be to look after a baby whilst I am ill too. Glad I am feeling better. I am now hesitant to take Evelyn out though as we had only been a soft play centre before she became ill and near noone else that had been ill so we are sure she picked it up from there :(.

Hoping the all the years illness for our family is out of the way now well for a good long while at least.

Wishing you all good health too.

Bev xx


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